Outside the Bookstore

There were only five people watching them play outside the bookstore that evening and we were amongst them. Although there was no stage, the illusion was created by the steps they were standing on, as they sang covers of songs that preceded their time.  Each boy was no older than 15. I took two dollars from my wallet and stuffed it into their plastic tip jar, a recycled peanut butter container.
“I love this,” I told Paul. “It reminds me of growing up by the third street promenade, watching street performers as a kid with my mom.”The boys continued to play and we sat in plastic folding chairs applauding after each song. No one recognized Paul as a musician, and no one saw me as the girl from Twilight. People passed by, but being that we were in a small town, and these boys seemed to play here regularly, no one really cared to stop and listen. Paul said he wanted to play a song, so I told him he should ask the boys if he could borrow their gear.My brother tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Are you going to sing with him?”

“I don’t know,” I thought, but before I even had time to turn around I heard Paul start singing our song.

I jumped up there, just in time for the chorus, and we shared the mic like we usually do.

As Paul handed the guitar back to the boy he said, “Hey man did you write that one yourself?” Paul nodded. The boy said, “Wow, you’re really good at that! Good luck with your music career!”

I smiled.

“Well, its official. We’ve rocked the bookstore on Kauai,” Paul said as we walked back to our car.


  1. Shelley

    What a great story. Thanks for sharing <3
    It must be pretty neat to be able to just "be you" every now and then.
    And Paul, seriously…. Good Luck with your music career ;) So cute!

  2. Patty

    Awww, that’s totally sweet and sounds like it could be from older days. Totally nostalgic. Glad you’re having fun!

  3. You both are amazing! Those kids will always remember that night! I was born and raised – and currently live – on Kauai, and the Art Walk is so cool to have here and it was cool that y’all graced us with your talents! I’m sad I missed it!


  4. Daiana

    Wow that’s so nice :)
    Love you Nikki! Good Luck for Paul!

  5. That is such a great story and seems like such a perfect moment! :)
    You have such a great way of telling stories. I became a fan when I saw Thirteen, I think back in 2004.
    I wish you and paul all the luck in the world with both of your careers.

  6. Mayara


    I really enjoy reading your blog!!It always makes me feel good!!! It may sound odd, but it does makes me so so so happy when you tweet “New Post”. hahaha. I luv the way you put your emotions into the writing!!! Its so unique and special!!! keep writing, cuz I’ll keep reading it!!

    And well good luck to kauai boys who keep playing bc of their love for music, and good luck to you in whatever you want to do!!!

    Take care!!

  7. Eva

    Julio so happy to hear that you can have a normal night out with Paul without being noticed.

  8. Eva

    I really hate autocorrect sorry, Nikki is what it should say

  9. Mj

    This entry made me smile. It’s really short but there’s something about their entry and picture that gave me the feeling of the nostalgia.

    Anyway, i hope you update your blog more often. You’re a terrific write!

  10. tiffany

    very sweet are the moments we would almost have lost… now its a memory forever :)

  11. What a sweet story. Hugs to you.

  12. Andra

    this is amazing (= there is nothing like this in my home town in Estonia.. i wish there was though… because music is one thing i can’t live without.. i really wish i was there.. next time make sure to record them (= i would have loved to hear them, and you, singing! (=

  13. Keilyn

    Wow! I absolutely loved your photo and the story that went along with it. You are such a talented writer! I hope you and Paul have more of these treasured moments together!

  14. christian

    you and Paul rock ! love you guys, come to Hermosillo someday PLEASE ! :}

    PD: i love reading your blog, please share something soon

  15. Oh! This is real life with real people. The type of moments you’ll remember with a smile. Lovely.

  16. Ayat

    wow! i’ve been waiting ages for your new post! i loved the new entry and i wish you and paul good luck in your music career!

  17. Janne

    That is so sweet! Wish I could’ve been there.

  18. simmi

    well done you guys…very humble indeed…there is nothing as humble as musos supporting fellow musos…despite their talent, they are out there having a crack at it…no matter the stage….we all started somewhere….for some, it was handed to them….for others, they still strive but are incredibly gifted just waiting for their timing….its timing that moves mountains…and in other news, im really proud of you guys for you supporting local talent…your kind words & actions have literally spoken volumes into the souls of your new friends….refreshing really…

  19. dori

    Hey, Nikki I’m so thrilled your writing again; i love this blog so much!!!

  20. Sammiejo

    You write with beautiful imagery, I felt like I was sitting in the chair behind you! You and Paul have something really special and I hope that you two continue to sing and love and be happy for the rest of your lives. :)

  21. MellyTru

    That has to be the sweetest thing ever Nikki!! You guys are amazing to be so humbled by the simplest of things. Those things are what makes life worth living!

  22. I guess it felt good to be just Nikki and Paul instead of the famous persons.

    A guy played trumpet in the street today and when I passed by and walked away I felt that it made the city more lively and I remembered my childhood when I watched “Aristocats” and got a smile on my face.

    Hugs from Erica in Sweden

  23. Red

    That’s sweet<3 Simple things man.

  24. Katrine

    Aww that was a sweet story <3
    I just read that you and Jackson are coming to Norway in November, and I am so happy right now! I can't wait to see you guys for real, I am so happy that I could die! Love you <3

  25. Michele Costa

    So cute…is so sweet! loved your blog!! kisses

  26. Sofia-slovakia :D

    that is totally cute…i would like to see that guys on youtube or somewhere….good luck with your career as a singer ;) luv ya

  27. Karen

    I love this and Congrats on having a song on Breaking Dawn Part 2! :-)

  28. Sigh… That scene is like ocean air. So good, and so wonderful to breath-in and actually notice. The story is even better because it was Kauai. Traveling is the best time to drop your guard and experience life as it comes: as it reveals itself, and as it is. I find the same thing swimming in the ocean: not an escape from fame, but an escape from the world — from the weight of my own body — and from anything that anyone expects from me. In that moment it is just me: weightless, surging into waves and sand and air. Even the glances of other swimmers tell the same story: isnt this good?! Aren’t we just golden light in the ocean of love! Rock on bookstore dudes! Rock until gold hits the horizon once more… x

  29. veronica

    I love reading your blog nikki, great story. I’m glad you and paul rocked it out! :)

  30. CLA

    Congrads on you and your husband being on the breaking dawn part 2 soundtrack.

  31. Lisa

    What a cute story. And a very nice and honest compliment! If you think about it: they just listened to the music, didn’t think about who you are (the prominent musician and actress) and they were deeply impressed by your music..Keep up enjoying those moments :)

  32. Stephanie

    How wonderful that you could both enjoy the local talent in piece and quite as well as boost their musical careers! What a gift you both are to us and each other!

  33. Toni

    So beautiful. You and Paul are incredible people with amazing souls. Please never change, you both are wonderful just the way you are :)

  34. Madison Sinclair

    Hi Nikki, I just wanted to say you’re an amazing actress and the most gorgeous person to walk the planet. Okay…and I love you in the Twilight movies!

  35. suzi

    Nikki what a wonderful world has opened up for you since you met, fell in love and married your husband. You are soo gifted! You have a beautiful voice! And what an honor to sing a song for your last Twilight film! Can’t wait to hear the two of you together on the soundtrack.

  36. Michelle

    You are a beautiful writer. I really enjoyed your song from the Twilight soundtrack. You & your hubby, Paul, sound GREAT! That’s how I stumbled upon your blog – blessed by your words. Thanks for sharing

  37. eu sou sua fã hhehe e estou falando uma lingua completamente diferente !
    Vish voce deve estar ocupada com a estreia de amanhecer ( urgh ) eu não gosto dele
    Só das suas atuações , e mesmo voce não lendo eu estou feliz , beijos ! Ti amoo

  38. Roselyn

    I love this story. Thanks sharing your story. It’s funny how in a few minutes you can a really fun time,by just singing.

  39. Hannah

    This is such a great blog! It reminds me of my small hometown in North Conway NH. We have this great little coffee shop called The Met and when I was in high school we had open mic night every Wednesday night. It was such a small, familiar, comfortable spot to sit and listen to the local artists while sipping on some hot java or coco ( as its usually cold over here :-) ). Anyways, I really enjoyed this blog, though I don’t know you or Paul personallu you two sound like a truely amazing couple :-) . Best of luck with everything <3

  40. I love Kauai for that exact reason. It is a little island community. I wish I was there to hear you both singing casually on the porch! Fun!

  41. Love this story. You and Paul are so sweet to give these boys your time and attention! Hope you enjoyed your time in Kauai!

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